Win $1000 for the best DNA-personalized app at GENOME LINK Hackathon! Create tools to help app users understand their DNA better. Build apps that provide actionable insights based on users' genome data. Get creative at GENOME LINK Hackathon for a chance to take home $1000!  


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* Don't know anything about genomics? Don't worry, beginners are very welcome at this Hackathon. Come learn about the latest developments in genomics and how you can be a part of this movement!

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WINNER PRIZE: $1000 cash prize 



• Build genomic applications with GENOME LINK API 
• Explore applications fields surrounding genomics 
• Establish community of DNA-personalized app developers 



• Learn how to build DNA-personalized apps
• Awesome mentoring on genomics and GENOME LINK API usage
• Make new friends 
• Connect with us and our community members



- iOS / Android / Web app developers 
- Bioinformaticians   
- Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs   
- Designers   
- Researchers   
- Physicians / Medical researchers   
- Students interested in biotech, especially genomics 

Join as a team or company: Bring friends and colleagues and integrate GENOME LINK API into your existing services or projects. Contact us via in advance. 


Examples of DNA-personalized apps from previous GENOME LINK Hackathons

• A fitness app to recommend personalized training and diet menu based on DNA information 
• Wine, coffee, and Japanese Sake matching mobile apps based on user's' taste sensitivities 
• An Electronic Health Records system for hospitals, which integrates patients' genetic traits of drug response and disease risks 
• A gamification platform that integrates users' personality and intelligence traits 



10:00 - Registration, Mixer 
10:30 - Presentation by AWAKENS
10:45 - Presentation: Previous Hackathon Winner #1
11:55 - Demo: Previous Hackathon Winner #2
11:00 - Ideation Session / Team Formation 
12:00 - Lunch  
13:00 - Coding starts   
18:00 - End of Day 1

10:00 - Venue opens, keep coding 
12:00 - Lunch
16:00 - Final presentation 
18:30 - Happy hour


What is GENOME LINK API and how does it works? 

GENOME LINK API is a simple API solution to integrate user's genetic traits information into applications such as iOS/Android or web apps. It also enables developers to integrate a DNA-personalized aspect to their existing services through access to our comprehensive annotation database. Genetic insights available through the annotation database include: Physical Traits, Food and Nutrition, Personality, Intelligence, and Fitness. 

History and background of the Genomics field  
The whole genome is a complete set of more than 6 billion "letters" of the DNA of a human, which includes all of its genes. 15 years ago, it took 15 years and cost $3 billion to sequence ONE whole human genome. However, the advancement of sequencing technology has dramatically reduced the cost to $1,000. Soon, it will cost less than $100.

Judging by the striking speed of technological advancement, we envision a near future where every single person will own his or her own genetic code. But we have no idea what that world would look like, and what kind of information, insights, and potential we can uncover from within our very own bodies.

Today for the whole genome is like the 90s for the Internet. Though the Internet had gained mass adoption, everyone was still scrambling to figure out what the Internet could be used for. Nobody imagined that revolutionary tech giants like Google or Facebook would be born 10 years later. 


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  • Participants: Individuals (over 18 years in age); Teams; Organizations
  • Location: San Francisco, United States

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$1,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Amanda Cashin

Amanda Cashin
Illumina Accelerator

Ken Numakura

Ken Numakura

Judging Criteria

  • Comprehensive and Accurate Use of GENOME LINK API
  • Innovativeness of App Idea
  • Functionality and Completion
    Is a functional web-based or mobile app

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